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About Dr. Bijoy Ajayan

Dr. Bijoy Ajayan has completed his MBBS from Government Medical College Thiruvananthapuram and is currently pursuing his post-graduation course in the same institution. He is deeply committed to his students and inspires them to love learning and achieve their full potential.

He has developed his own unique strategies of teaching which help students attain not only a solid foundation on the subject but also face their exams with confidence. He believes that teaching is not just imparting knowledge but it must also help the students develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills they need to address the challenges of the world.

Video Lecture Contains

Detailed Explanation

Crystal clear detailed explanations of the concepts which would help the students to get a solid foundation on the subject.

Solved NCERT Questions

NCERT exercise questions and examples are solved in a lucid manner highlighting the previous year’s board exam questions.

Previous Years Board Exam Questions

Chapter wise simplified explanation of the previous year’s board exam questions which would impart an extra edge to the students and help them build confidence to tackle the board exam

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Students can access our video lessons from anywhere at any time, allowing for convenient and flexible learning.

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Students can adjust the video resolution to optimize their viewing experience, even at low internet speeds. No more buffering or Lagging.

Adjust Video Speeds

Students can view the video at variable speeds which are particularly useful for students during the exam time revision, as they can quickly review the concepts at their own pace.

Download Videos Offline

Students can download the video lessons offline and access them anytime, anywhere, Never miss a lesson again with our convenient offline viewing feature.


Class 10th Mathematics

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